Kid's Daisy Bag

Guaranteed Authentic

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Can you smell the flowers? The Kid's Daisy Bag is a new addition to our Kid's Bag Collection. It's handmade and handstitched to perfection (for both kids and moms).

Embroidered on the natural seagrass fibers are daisies that add the sweetest touch. The design elevates the kid's handbag to a whole other cuteness level.

Each Kid's Daisy Bag has a seagrass strap for your little to carry on the shoulder or as a crossbody. The crossbody style makes it hard for your kiddo to lose the bag. It also is big enough to hold kid treasures, trinkets, and small toys.

The Kid's Daisy Bag goes with any outfit and makes for some stylish photos. Your little one can take it to the beach or any outdoor adventure. The children's bag can also grow with your child, and the style is evergreen.

Each daisy bag is made with natural seagrass grown wild along the shores in Thailand. It's collected and woven to absolute perfection. Your Kid's Daisy Bag is sustainable, ethically made, and so stinking cute. If we don't say so ourselves!


5.75" x 4" x 3"
Strap: 31.5"

Kid's Daisy Bag Details:

  • Pam's In-house design 
  • handwoven with love*
  • soft, inner pocket 
  • shoulder and crossbody bag
  • zipper pocket
  • handstitched daisies
  • sustainable bag made with seagrass
  • meticulous workmanship

*Because each Kid's Daisy Bag is individually handwoven and made, there may be slight variations in color, dimensions, and texture. But the high-quality of the kid's beach tote looks and feels perfect.