Insects by Grapat

Guaranteed Authentic
SKU: CGR19209
By Grapat

Make your child's playtime extra fun with GRAPAT's small wooden insects.

Made with eco-friendly materials, these elements don't have any definite shapes, which makes them all the more versatile. 

There are no rules, no instructions, no limitations– your little one is free to use their imagination and create a mini-world of their own with these tiny wooden toy insects. The bright colors make them appealing to children, while the unique shapes fuel their curiosity and yearning for innovation. Suitable for playing both indoors and outdoors, these are going to be unique additions to your kid's toy collection.

It contains 6 ladybugs 40mm, 6 slug 52 mm long, 6 ants 44 mm long

Recommended age 3yrs +

It includes textile bag with GOT Certificate fabric.