Giant Wooden Emotion Marbles
Giant Wooden Emotion Marbles
Giant Wooden Emotion Marbles
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Giant Emotion Marbles

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These giant emotion marbles (2 inches in diameter) are the perfect way to drive active learning. They're perfect for developing grasping skills, encouraging crawling by chasing them, learning group play techinicques by rolling them to a parent. In addition, they are a constructive way to express feelings. Add these giant wooden marbles to any play area and watch as your child creates scenerios and dialogue, or maybe they'll just "roll" with them.

Each wooden marble in this set of six is hand painted using non-toxic, all natural, milk paints and sealed with natural hemp oil. 

++Marbles are large enough not to be a chocking hazard, so they are safe for children of crawling age and up. Adult supervision is required as they are heavy and children could hurt themselves throwing them or dropping them. Over time the marbles may become warped causing them to roll a little haphazardly.++

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