Rainbow Connetix Magnetic Tiles Marble Run (92 pieces)

Guaranteed Authentic

The Connectix Rainbow Marble Run set comes in beautiful rainbow colors and makes your child's game time all the more fun. 

It contains everything you need to create a variety of marble runs including stairs, slides, bowls, and more.

Through this engaging game, not only will your child stay focused, but it will also facilitate their cognitive development, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, and improve motor skills. When played with others, the game builds up necessary social skills in children, such as communication, teamwork, and cooperation. 

Recommended age 3yrs. +

Each set includes:

  • 6 x balls
  • 2 x bowls
  • 2 x long stairs
  • 8 x slides
  • 12 x 90 degree bends (corners)
  • 8 x U shapes
  • 8 x short straight pieces
  • 6 x long straight pieces
  • 2 x snake pieces (wavy one)
  • 2 x Y shaped pieces
  • 36 x magnetic squares

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