Give Back. Play On.

Happy Gift Company's Toy Donation Program

You’re already conscious about the toys you buy, so let's keep a good thing going by donating the amazing toys your kids have outgrown to great charities that need them. 

Happy Gift Company's donation program has two goals. First, to deliver your gently used toys (not just your Happy Gift Company toys) to inspiring nonprofits. And second, to reduce our packaging footprint by making it easy to reuse boxes for a good cause.


We’ve partnered with Give Back Box* for no-hassle, free shipping of your charitable toys. 

1) Pack Your Happy Gift Company Box

Take the Happy Gift Company box your order came in or give a new lease on life to any other one you have around. Fill it with gently used toys (no stuffed animals, please.)

2) Print Your Pre-Paid Shipping Label


Click the donate now button below, print your pre-paid shipping label, affix to the box and drop off at any UPS or USPS location.

3) High-Five the Person Closest to You

Give Back Box partners with local charities and will send your donation to the nearest one in need.



Do my toys have to be from Happy Gift Company? Nope. Fill your reused box with gently used toys (no stuffed animals), Happy Gift Company or not. Good deeds don’t discriminate.

Does my box have to be a Happy Gift Company shipping box? Nope! Any box will work. But filling our box is a great way to make room in your playroom and reuse a perfectly good box. 

Who can donate? Our toy donation program is only available to customers in the United States.

Can I get a tax receipt for my donation? Of course! When you print the pre-paid shipping label through Give Back Box, you can create an account and request a donation receipt directly.

Where will my donations go? When you print the pre-paid shipping label through Give Back Box, you will need to enter your zip code. Entering a zip code matches you with the closes charity partner and the name of the local charity will appear on your printed label.

Can I choose which charity receives my donation? Not at the moment, but Give Back Box is working to make this possible in the future.

*MBSS d/b/a Give Back Box does not plan, manage, advise, consult or prepare materials for or with respect to any charitable solicitation. Give Back Box does not act in the capacity of a professional fundraiser and does not solicit donations for charities.