A few months back I wanted to test the eco cutters we have available on the store, but I didn't have any play dough to test them, so I decided to check the internet to see if I could find a quick and easy recipe. 

I looked YouTube for a few minutes then got to work. I think I tried three recipes. The worst I found simply mixed conditioner with flour. At first it was very soft and fluffy. I got excited and handed it right to my son. He took it from the kitchen to the playroom and then said, "mommy, I make big mess." I look over and the "play dough" had crumbled apart and was all over the playroom rug. Tired from trying recipes and getting nowhere, I brought out the vacuum and gave up. 

I'd completely given up on making my own play dough when I came across a post by @beadiebugplay where she mentioned making dough frequently as gifts! She sounded like a pro, and enough time had passed that I was ready to try my hand at DIY play dough again. I reached out and @beadiebugplay was kind enough to share the recipe with me. I'll be honest, my little helper took a bit of convincing. He didn't enjoy our past attempts at DIY play dough.

After a bit of convincing, we got our ingredients ready and started making our dough. He had fun making it AND fun playing it with. I think I'm still in shock by how good this recipe really is. A few days after making it I was surprised to see the dough was still moist. Later, we left on a trip then brought it out after about a week, and the dough was still moist! I don't know how long we've had it now, maybe a month? and it is still going strong. Below is the recipe exactly as it was given to me from from @beadiebugplay

🍁 Dry ingredients:
2 cups plain flour (my mum once used gf flour, which made it spongy and fun, so try that out if you’re gf)
1/2 cup table salt (not coarse or sea salt, it’s difficult to dissolve)
2 Tbsp cream of tartar

🍁 Wet ingredients:
2 Tbsp of oil (I use light olive oil or coconut oil)
1.5 cups boiling water
2 Tbsp glycerine (optional but it will last a lot longer)

🍁 Get a small person to whisk your dry ingredients all over the bench, add wet ingredients and stir well until you form a sticky dough. Allow it to cool for 5 mins. DO NOT add extra flour at this point, even if it looks sticky. NO TOUCHY for 5 minutes. Scoop onto a board, knead for 2 mins and it should form a nice consistency. If it’s too sticky then you can add small sprinkles of flour until the stickiness is gone.

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August 07, 2021 — Barbara Chernyukhin

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